Helping Families Create, Realize
& Preserve Shareholder Value
Case Study #1
THOITS BROS. INC. (Gen 3 & 4 Family Business)

George Isaac Consulting (GIC) was engaged to address shareholder alignment, governance, transition planning, communication and education issues.  “George’s work with our Board, CEO, and twenty individual shareholders demonstrated both sensitivity and care for both our business and individual stakeholders’ needs and concerns.  He was perceptive, analytical, detailed and a consensus builder.”

The project’s recommendations were accepted and with GIC’s assistance implemented by our Board and Family Council.  Specifically, GIC  improved our Board practices and communication policies, our Family Council effectiveness and scope, and our board and shareholder operating policies.  GIC also developed and presented a custom-designed family member “Boot Camp” education program for Gen 3 & 4.

Case Study #2
JOHN S. FREY ENTERPRISES (Gen 1-3 Family Business)

George Isaac Consulting (GIC) was engaged to assist our Los Angeles based family business transition from Gen 1 to Gen 2 & 3 ownership (36 shareholders). As a consultant, George worked effectively in representing both active and passive shareholder interests and communicated well with all of our family members and their independent legal and tax advisers.

The project results included revised gifting and estate plans creating significant tax savings, the design and execution of a shareholders agreement and CEO employment contract, the formation of a Gen 2 & 3 special purpose entity to provide liquidity to both the business and family, and the creation of a board of directors with outside advisers.

Case Study #3
JAS D. EASTON, INC. (Gen 2 Family Business)

We engaged GIC to evaluate how effectively Easton was managing its family business and overall family wealth. GIC’s ability to work and communicate with our executive team to develop the complex financial models to evaluate our business’ projected financials, capital needs, free cash flows, and resulting impact on shareholder returns was instrumental in helping us meet our wealth management objectives.

Based on your recommendations, we revised our business’ capital structure to significantly increase shareholder returns while retaining our conservative financial culture. Your roadmap to adjust our capital structure and shareholder distributions based upon specific risk-adjusted metrics will help us properly managing our family business and family’s wealth well into the future.

Case Study #4
BETCO CORPORATION (Gen 2 Family Business)

Betco, a 2nd generation 60 year old Ohio based family manufacturing business sells a broad spectrum of specialty chemical products and equipment domestically and internationally. For 15 years, George Isaac has served on Betco’s board of directors and through GIC, provided management consulting services to Betco’s CEO and senior executive team.

Per Betco CEO, Paul Betz, “GIC’s strong strategic, financial/M&A, and operating skills contributed greatly to Betco’s successes”. Partially through GIC’s recommendations to improve manufacturing capabilities and initiate a multi-phased acquisition and diversification program, Betco’s sales tripled and profits increased by six fold.

Case Study #5
LAMPERT DEBT ADVISORS (Gen 1 Family Business)

GIC has worked with New York City based Lampert Debt Advisors for over two decades for a variety of client situations. In our most recent engagement, GIC was hired to rapidly develop a strategic and operational improvement plan for a financially distressed client that was moments from being forced by a group of lenders to seek bankruptcy protection.

GIC’s short term turnaround program was critical to obtaining forbearance agreements and resulted in the expedited development and deployment of a number of improvements designed to restore profitability, generate immediate improvements in cash flows, and heighten the likelihood of a successful financial restructuring.

Case Study #6
FINDLEY DAVIES, INC. (Gen 2 & 3 Partnership)

GIC was engaged to review the business strategies and operating practices of Findley Davies including running a two-day business strategy retreat with FDI’s senior executive team. GIC’s identification and measurement of the “levers” that impacted FDI’s business allowed FDI to quickly realize the actions necessary to restructure resources and maximize profitability.

Per FDI Chair, “GIC’s communication of their observations and recommendations was non-threatening and easily understood by all. FDI has modified several business unit strategies, operating practices and policies based upon GIC and use many of the GIC’s principals and concepts in FDI’s monthly business and financial analysis of performance.”

George Isaac image
George Isaac


"…your congenial, gregarious personality combined with a laser-like focus on facts and analysis gives you the unparalleled ability to question and improve business without appearing to question or threaten management. Your recent management consulting services in the Los Angeles area was well received by our firm and our client's management team."
- S. Randy Lampert, President, Lampert Debt Advisors
"Our board requirements were to find individuals experienced in family business transitional matters, real estate development, manufacturing and supply chain enhancement, and financial insight with regards to recapitalizing Betco. You have worked effectively both with me and various members of our senior executive team… Your strong strategic, financial and operating skills contributed greatly to our successes"
- Paul Betz, Chairman & CEO Betco Corporation 2nd Generation Family Business


George Isaac Consulting (GIC), the Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, California based national management consulting division of GAI Capital Ltd., specializes in business consulting services to families, family businesses, and family offices. The firm was founded in 1999, built on a 30-year track record of executive management and consulting experiences in family businesses and family offices.

Our expertise encompasses all aspects of starting and maintaining a family enterprise, from the technical to the behavioral. We consult on a variety of family and business issues associated with transition planning and succession management, enterprise and family governance, family dynamics, business strategy/operating performance improvement and family business wealth realization management and protection strategies. Our proprietary work on the Family Wealth Evaporation Trap featured in numerous international publications outlines a process for families to properly manage family business and private equity assets as part of a family’s overall wealth portfolio through utilization of specific ongoing shareholder value realization and asset protection strategies.

Founder and Managing Principal, George Isaac, offers extensive direct family business credentials from his roles over the years as a CEO, shareholder, director, advisor, executive coach, and professional management consultant. He has served on 14 public and private corporate boards of which several were family businesses and has consulted on over 100 client engagements in a variety of industries. He currently serves as a senior program advisor, subject matter expert and Chairman of the Board of Advisors to USC’s Marshall School of Business Family Business Program.

Isaac’s experiences as a Deloitte management consulting partner, senior executive/corporate board member, private equity investor and member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) Family Business and Family Office Networks provides him with the unique perspectives of an operating executive, management consultant, and investor to deliver pragmatic, strategic and implementable counsel to his family clients.

We are pleased to provide a complimentary consultation to see if we can help or point you in the right direction. Please contact us today at gisaac@gaicapital.com or 805.969.6602 to set up a complimentary consultation or to request a conference speaking engagement.

Isaac Speaking Engagements


“Preparing the Family for Wealth”
USC Marshall School of Business

Family Business Program
Orange County, CA – May 31, 2017

Los Angeles, CA – June 1, 2017


“Avoiding the Family Business Wealth Evaporation Trap” and “7 Critical Initiatives for Business Survival & Growth”
USC Marshall School of Business

Family Business Program Spring 2-Day Workshop
Los Angeles, CA – May 18 & 19, 2017


“Optimizing Your Business

and Safe Guarding Your Wealth”
USC Marshall School of Business

Family Business Program
Orange County, CA – April 12, 2017

Los Angeles, CA – April 13, 2017


“The Evolving Roles for the Founder and the Business
in a Successful, Multi-Generational Family Business”

USC Marshall School of Business Family Business Forum
Los Angeles, CA – October 6, 2016

“Family Business” vs. “Family” Wealth Management: Strategies to Meet Business and Family Objectives
Family Business Magazine’s Wealth Conference
Chicago, IL. – September 21-23, 2016

“Family Dynamics: Lessons Learned Working with the Family:” (Panel Moderator)
YPO Family Office Conference
Los Angeles, CA. – October 28, 2016

“Creating Long Term Value through the Management of Your Family Business”
USC Marshall School of Business Family Business Program
Los Angeles, CA. – April 27, 2016

“Business Wealth vs. Family ‘Realized’ Wealth” & “Giving the Kids Too Much – Too Early”
USC Marshall School of Business Family Business Forum
Los Angeles, CA. – October 8, 2015

“Risk Management of Private Equity & Family Business Assets in a Family Office”
Opal Financial Group Investment Trends Summit
Santa Barbara, CA. – September 28 – 30, 2015

“Managing Your Family Business to Meet Family, Business, & Shareholder Needs”
Vistage Presentation
Los Angeles, CA. – August 20, 2015

“Family Business Financial Boot Camp”
Gen 3, 4 & 5 “Next Gen” Training Program
Palo Alto, CA. – August 7, 2015

“Family Business Wealth Management in a Family Office”
IvyPlus Family Office Trends
Los Angeles, CA. – March 19, 2015

“Family Businesses as an Investment Asset”
Direct Investment & Deal Flow Summit
Chicago, IL – May 8, 2015

“Private Company Governance & Shareholder Wealth Realization Challenges”
Private Company Governance Summit
Washington, D.C. – May 13-15, 2015

“Asset Allocation Strategies
Inclusive of a Family Business”
Opal Financial Group Investment Trends Summit
Santa Barbara, CA. – Sept. 8-10, 2014

“Family Office Governance &
Succession Strategies”
Opal Family Office & Private Wealth Mgmt. Forum
Napa, CA. – Oct. 23-25, 2013

“Inspirational Lessons Learned
as a Family Enterprise CEO”
Family Firm Institute Global Conference
San Diego, CA. – Oct. 17-18, 2013

“Family Wealth Evaporation Trap”
Family Office Global Leadership Summit
London, U.K. – Sep. 17-18, 2013

“Director Responsibilities & Liabilities”
Private Company Governance Summit
Washington, D.C. – May 16-17, 2013

“Family Wealth Evaporation Trap”
Family Offices Group Workshop
Los Angeles, CA – May 10, 2013

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“Family Wealth Evaporation Trap”

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Webinars Provided For:

Opal Financial Group Webinar
New York City, NY – June 4, 2013

Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) Global Webinar
Dallas, TX – October 15, 2013

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