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Recently Published Articles by George Isaac

  • As part of his firm’s family enterprise consulting practice, Mr. Isaac regularly speaks at conferences and publishes articles associated with family dynamics, succession planning, family and business governance, business strategy and performance management, and family wealth protection and realization strategies. Follow him at Twitter.com/GeorgeIsaac888 or @GeorgeIsaac888.
  • CNBC 2 Logo CNBC Special: No. 1 Way to Destroy Your Private Company Wealth – CNBC Feb. 28, 2015
    Many privately held businesses unwittingly destroy shareholder wealth every year because of two easily reversed flaws. Isaac’s CNBC article outlines the common pitfalls and remedies to increase shareholder ROE’s and liquidity while reducing enterprise ownership risk. This results in meeting both business and shareholders objectives. (On-Line CNBC Link)
  • Pacific Coast Biz Times Logo copy Avoiding the Wealth Evaporation Trap – Pacific Coast Business Times Feb. 27 2015
    When including the family business net worth into a family’s overall wealth portfolio, common investment management principles of diversification, risk management, ROI and liquidity are almost always out of whack. This article outlines how families should develop strategies to manage their business and private equity investments from three perspectives: (1) creating wealth, (2) realizing wealth, and (3) preserving wealth.
  • Family Office Review Logo “Losing The ‘Family’ in Your Family Office or Business” – Family Office Review April 2013
    A report on how family dynamics can destroy the multi-generational family office and what steps should be taken to maintain a successful family enterprise.
  • Directors&Boards Logo Is your Board Really looking after Shareholders’ Interests? – Directors & Boards Q4 2014

    Many privately held businesses confuse business wealth creation with shareholder wealth ‘realization’. They are not the same, at times, not even close. This article presents board strategies to address shareholder wealth realization in a family enterprise. A prime benefit is increased shareholder ROI’s and liquidity and decreased exposure to tail risks.


    Inc Logo 7 Tips for Successfully Running a Family Business Without Drama – Inc. Magazine April 2016

    Business is hard enough without adding family to the mix. Ninety percent of family businesses do not make it to the third generation for a variety of reasons. Master these tips reported in an exclusive interview with George Isaac by Inc. Magazine on how to keep peace with your family members while working with them in a multi-generational family business.