Helping Families Create, Realize
& Preserve Shareholder Value



"Your recommendations on shareholder alignment, family council and board effectiveness, communication and transparency, and family member education demonstrated tremendous insight into the needs of our family enterprise. You were perceptive, analytical, detailed and a consensus builder. We appreciated your sensitivity and care for both business and individual stakeholders’ needs and concerns and would be pleased to recommend your services to other family enterprises."
- Colleen Braff, Thoits Bros Board Member & Family Council Officer

Family Office & Family Business Consulting Services

GIC's Family Office and Family Business Consulting Practice is based upon the deep personal experience of Mr. Isaac's work with multi-generational family businesses. Mr. Isaac has served in a variety of roles with family businesses including as a Shareholder/Investor, CEO, Executive Team Coach, Board Member, Board Advisor, Management Consultant, and part-time Interim Executive. He currently co-manages two Gen 2 family businesses and serves on the board (prior CEO) of his family's Gen 4 business. In addition, he and his brother oversee their Isaac family office, GeoZac Holdings Ltd.

Family Business Issues:

There are many unique challenges in family businesses in addition to the common challenges of running any business. While each situation has differences and issues are seldom singular, there are many common issues that need to be addressed such as:
  • Differences in objectives and needs of active vs. passive family business shareholders
  • Role and authority of family as family members, board members, and management
  • "Running business" for family; or for shareholders, or for executive family members
  • Conflict among family management, directors, or owners
  • Hiring and termination policies for family members in your family business
  • Liquidity or cash distribution rights for family business shareholders
  • Succession planning and future leadership development
  • Family and business governance through family councils and boards of directors
  • Management and leadership styles
  • Recruitment and retention of non-family executives
  • Substandard operating performance and financial results
  • Controls on stock ownership, voting rights, election of directors, buy/sale agreements, and major decision approvals (shareholder agreements)
  • Employment Agreements & Compensation Plans

Consulting Services:

Our primary focus is to assist our Family Office and Family Business clients "Create, Realize & Preserve Family Business Wealth". We serve our clients with a full range of family business consulting services that often center around the following:
  • Transition Planning & Succession Management
  • Family Dynamics Improvement Strategies & Individual Coaching
  • Corporate and Family Governance (Assessment/Development of Board of Directors/Advisors, Family Council, Family Meetings, Family Charter, etc.)
  • Custom-Designed Family Business Wealth Realization Management and Asset Protection Strategies
  • Generational Ownership Transfer |M & A Transactions | Enterprise Finance
  • Business Strategy and Operating Performance Improvement
  • Next Gen Training Programs - "Family Financial Boot Camps"
  • Executive & Management Team Coaching
  • Board of Advisors Participation & Interim Leadership