Helping Families Create, Realize
& Preserve Shareholder Value

We Understand Family Businesses

George Isaac Consulting approaches its consulting projects by working closely with our family clients which typically include meeting with both active and passive stakeholders in a family business or family office. Mr. Isaac is the principal consultant involved in all of our services.

Each project is tailored around a client’s specific situation. Our guiding principle is to first “listen”, then “consult”. We believe each family business has its own unique culture and customs. That requires tailored approaches to assisting our family business clients so our recommendations are long lasting.

George Isaac’s experiences are unique among advisors. He both grew up in a family business and ran several Isaac multi-generational family businesses (Gen 1 thru 4) as a CEO, managing partner, and director. In addition, during the past fifteen years, he has advised numerous Gen 1 through Gen 5 family businesses as a consultant and active board member. His first hand understanding of family business issues allows him to expertly address both the emotional and subjective as well as the technical business and wealth management issues of his family business clients.

In a typical project, George develops independent and confidential relationships with the CEO and key family member owners. Understanding family member perspectives as it relates to individual and business financial needs and goals, family dynamic challenges, governance, succession planning, operating business concerns, and any unresolved emotional issues associated with the family business are critical and typically the first step in most projects. Once these issues are understood, George works closely with key team members to develop and implement an agreed upon project work plan that addresses your project objectives.

In recent projects, we have functioned as independent consultants, individual family member coaches, facilitator of board meetings, trainers for “next generation owners”, and at times a moderator to assist with business and family member conflict.

We would be pleased to discuss how we could help your family business. For further information, please contact us for a complimentary phone consultation.



"Your recommendations on shareholder alignment, family council and board effectiveness, communication and transparency, and family member education demonstrated tremendous insight into the needs of our family enterprise. You were perceptive, analytical, detailed and a consensus builder. We appreciated your sensitivity and care for both business and individual stakeholders’ needs and concerns and would be pleased to recommend your services to other family enterprises."
- Colleen Braff, Thoits Bros Board Member & Family Council Officer